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Bar Pong UK is available to venues on an annual licence basis, allowing those venues to host local Super Leagues using Bar Pong branded equipment. Venues can decide how often to hold contests and advertise them, free of charge, on Wotzon ( Participating venues will also be advertised free of charge on the Bar Pong UK website and campaigns can also be run across Bar Pong UK’ social media channels.

And if all of that is not enough, venue owners and managers, with their invited guests, will be able to attend special Bar Pong UK sponsored events.

Bar Pong UK will supply a starter pack comprising a table (which can be co-branded for the venue), cups, balls, racks, rule book and umpire’s uniform. Staff training can also be provided. Replacement equipment can be purchased from Bar Pong UK shop page at wholesale prices.

Please contact us to discuss how Bar Pong UK can increase your revenue and profits.

Don’t just fill the cups, fill the venue as well!