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How does Super Leagues work?

A venue buys a 12-month Super Leagues licence for the sum of £100.00 plus VAT per month (payable at the beginning of each month by Direct Debit) which allows it to run a local Super Leagues contest in that particular venue (the licence cannot be transferred to or used at another venue or venues)

There are two, five-month long, Super Leagues seasons a year

The Super Leagues contests are played within each venue i.e. each venue has its very own local Super League in a similar way that it may have its own darts or pool league, which is organised and administered by the venue owner/manager (using Bar Pong UK supplied equipment, rules and guidance notes), with the league table for each venue being uploaded onto the Bar Pong UK website at the end of each month

Each of the local Super Leagues should have at least ten teams and no more than twenty. Over a five-month season, each team must play each of the other teams twice

The venue owner/manager decides when to host each Super Leagues event and has complete discretion over how the event itself is conducted e.g. an evening may include other pub games, free food for the players or live music after the contest is over and so on

The winners of your Super Leagues season will win a cash prize of £750.00, the runners up £375.00 and third place £175.00. The prize pot comes from the entry fees that your customers pay to play in your Super Leagues contest

Will there be a national Super Leagues competition?

No. The Super Leagues is designed to be centred on each venue with its very own title holder, rather than a national or even regional winner

Why should I partner with Bar Pong UK and not just run my own beer pong contests?

Bar Pong UK is building a strong, trusted, brand that people will recognise and want to engage with

The scale of the Super Leagues means that you can take advantage of Bar Pong UK’s influence and buying power

Bar Pong UK will also undertake all of the advertising and marketing for you, including across social media, meaning you can focus your energies of other aspects of your business; and as the game format complies with the requirements of the Licensing Act 2003 you will not need to worry about that

And the Bar Pong UK team has strong longstanding relationships with advertisers and sponsors. These companies want to reach a large audience and Super Leagues delivers that; meaning that there are opportunities for you to benefit from special deals and promotions that otherwise might not be available to you

How many pubs and bars already host Bar Pong UK’s Super Leagues?

Over one hundred & fifty carefully selected venues have been signed up so far, including Arc Inspirations (The Pit), Beds & Bars (Belushi’s), Burning Night Group (all Bierkeller Entertainment Centre venues) and Intertain (all Walkabout venues)

Does Super Leagues fall foul of the Licensing Act 2003?

No, the format of Super Leagues is a fun sport, not an irresponsible drinks promotion.

Bar Pong UK has obtained the opinion of one of the UK’s most respected licensing barristers, Anna Mathias, confirming that this is the case. Anna can provide you with a letter of comfort if required (at no cost to you)

What is Super Leagues Blast and Mega Blast?

During each Super Leagues season, Bar Pong UK will promote special contests, known as Blasts and Mega Blasts. These contests will use different, unique to Bar Pong UK, formats of the game such as Basketball, Battleships (complete with special effects), Clear the Table and Six Cup Shoot Out. Substantial cash prizes will be on offer for the winners and runners up. Those for Blast are big and those for Mega Blast are breath-taking

Entry to the Super Leagues Blast and Mega Blast contests is restricted to those people who are registered players for Super Leagues

Bar Pong UK is currently negotiating to secure insurance cover to allow it to run a Clear the Table event where the prize for anyone who hits ten cups with ten shots wins a prize of £10,000

How much money could I make from hosting Super Leagues contests?

Typically, a Super Leagues contest, which would be held at least once a month
throughout the season, will attract at least 10 teams. With each team (of two players) paying a recommended entry fee of £20.00, to include a free 4-pint jug of beer to use to fill the cups, the revenue equates to £200.00 per contest. Usually the prizes are in the form of bar tabs of £35.00 (1st), £25.00 (2nd) and £10.00 (3rd), with the hard cost to the venue being approximately £25.00

A venue should therefore make a margin of at least £175.00 per contest on entry fees, £50.00 of which will go into the Super Leagues prize fund

What do I receive for the joining fee?
You will receive a Super Leagues Equipment Pack comprising of:

  •   Branded Tables x 2
  •   16oz Cups (Red & Blue) x 500
  •   Ping Pong Balls (White) x 100
  •   Rule Books x 10
  •   Branded Umpire Shirts x 2
  •   Branded Roller Banner x 1
  • The tables can be branded with your own imagery. This typically costs £55.00 plus VAT per table

    The RRP of the Equipment Pack is £299.50 (with plain unbranded tables) plus VAT and excluding delivery

    What do I get for the monthly subscription fee?

    More customers, who stay longer and spend more money is one answer; but there is much more

    Bar Pong UK will use social media to promote your venue and the Super Leagues contests. Bar Pong UK’s Brand Ambassadors such as Emma Conybeare ( and the Alberti Twins (, John and Toni, have almost 300,000 Twitter followers between them. John and Toni are ranked in the top 6% of social media influencers for food and drink

As well as being listed on Bar Pong UK’s website, your venue will also be listed on Design My Night ( and Wotzon (, as a place where people can play Super Leagues Blast. These channels reach millions of people. And you can promote other contests that you host too

And Bar Pong UK will also promote your venue through traditional media channels e.g. The University Paper (monthly readership of over 120,000 students) and local newspapers

Can I run my own contests between Super Leagues contests?

Yes, and we would encourage you to do so

Can I secure my own local sponsors for Super Leagues contests?

Yes, as long as your sponsor(s) is/are not a direct competitor of one of Bar Pong UK’s sponsors

Will Bar Pong UK be appointing more Brand Ambassadors?

Yes, the roster of ambassadors will grow over the coming months and the roster is expected to include sports stars and people from the world of entertainment

Would the Brand Ambassadors attend my contests?

Yes, Bar Pong UK’s Brand Ambassadors will happily attend a Super Leagues event at your venue. A small appearance fee is payable together with the ambassador’s expenses for attending. Adequate advance notice will be required

What other support will I receive from Bar Pong UK?

Apart from the ongoing social media and on-line advertising of your venue, Bar Pong UK will also provide you with ongoing advice on how to make the most of your Super Leagues contests. You will receive a monthly e-mail highlighting and sharing how other hosts are maximising their Super Leagues contests

And we will also be here to answer any questions that you may have e.g. about the rules

Does Bar Pong UK have a YouTube channel?

The channel is currently being built and will be live by the middle of May 2017
We would be delighted to upload and share videos of your Super Leagues contests